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Add a child’s name & surname to a puzzle

You can select a theme to go with this option.Each name is set-up independently depending onthe names provided.It can not guarantee that a board can fit morethan 2-4 characters; however we try to maximizethis addition as much as possible.The children do love the characters


Personalise a wooden puzzle for a little one to love There is a lovely selection of themes to chose form, including animals, magical creatures and vehicles.
Each puzzle is fabricated with a child’s name on it. Each piece has a single peg for toddler to grasp.
Full-colour matching pictures appear underneath each piece. A perfect puzzle for one-year-olds and up, as they develop: hand-eye coordination, fine motor skill, visual perception skills,
beginning vocabulary and becoming familiar with

the p l a c e m e n t  o f  t h e i r  o w n  n a m e .


Yes we can make up a child’s names with the:ê ë è é, as well as al the others letters includingï ä ô ö û ù, please ensure you communicatethese spelling requests with us upfront.



All puzzles are made custom for your little one to love.
You can select any theme and include the NAME of the special child whom would cherish this unique gift for life.
Standard puzzles can accommodate a name length of up to x7 letter, depending on the letter shape.
Longer names are set up as illustrated. Boy names are made up with tones of blues and green, girl names are made up with pastel tones of pinks, purple and greens. Colours have been pre designed to represent the brand guidelines and are only available in these options. Puzzles and products to follow are fabricated with high quality MDF, laser cut to the designed theme. Images are UV printed onto the wood to ensure a long lasting good quality product. (it is not a sticker) I send you visuals of the artwork for approval to ensure you are happy with what you are going to get and to ensure the theme and name spelling is as per your details supplied.

** Production takes 3-4 weeks to fabricate, no shorter lead times can be committed to.

Theme with Name & Surname

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