Our Star Jars are glass jars filled with hand folded paper stars, each with a short positive message inside.


All the stars are handmade and each bottle has at least 56 individual star messages themed and coloured to each jar design. 


The short messages come from various authors and are meant to motivate, inspire, encourage, uplift and empower.


There are 3 options to choose from - MOTIVATIONAL - INSPIRATIONAL - AFFIRMATION 


Sample messages inside:

  • MOTIVATIONAL JAR (Green) -  Trust in the process /  Mistakes make you grow / Dream. Believe. Achieve
  • INSPIRATIONAL JAR (Blue) -  Do good and good will come to you / Dream without fear... Love without limits /  Expect nothing.. Appreciate everything
  • AFFRIMATION JAR (Purple) -  My possibilities are endless / I believe in myself / My positive thoughts create positive feelings


It is important to note that each paper star is cut and folded by hand and made to order.

The processing time for the Star Jars is 4 - 6 working days. 

Bottle size : 11cm H x 7cm W


Each monitor or phone screen is calibrated differently and the colour you see on the screen may differ slightly in person.    

Star Jars

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