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These cards have been created to inspire, comfort, and empower you

along your pregnancy journey, however it may unfold


Whether a new mom or experienced , growing life & bringing it into the world

is monumental. It is so important to not just take care of the life

growing inside you, but YOUR mind & body as well

Each affirmation card features a gorgeous scene and affirmation


Perfect for a Mum who needs a big dose of happy positivity & to be

reminded of her amazing female energy

Women are incredible & sometimes they just need a little reminding

exactly how so


Pick a favorite card to focus on & breathe deeply to relax into

your body.

Place the cards wherever you’ll see them

Whisper them, shout them, sing them to yourself,

repeat them over & over in your head

~ every little bit of positivity helps ~


Deck contains 48 affirmation cards &  16 interactive "self affirmation" cards


Cards are 7x10cm 

Pregnancy - Affirmations

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