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Our affirmations for moms were created to help you navigate through the beauty & struggle of motherhood


You pour your love into your children daily, so why not do the same for yourself?


Positive affirmations are acts of self love & kindness that can stay with you for life. Affirmations draw your attention to your positive qualities & strengths & inspire you to be the best mom you can be


Powerful affirmations can be such a helpful tool for moms to have a pick-me-up

When mom life gets a little overwhelming use these affirmations to get out of that stressed-out mindset & get into inspirational thoughts to increase love, confidence, happiness, self-esteem, resilience & optimism


Take the opportunity each morning to give yourself grace by reciting positive morning affirmations to get your day started off right!

Believe in your worth & enjoy the special moments with your children, even if your circumstances aren’t perfect

Every day is a new chance for growth, acceptance & joy


Pick a favorite card to focus on & breathe deeply to relax into your body.

Place the cards wherever you’ll see them

Whisper them, shout them, sing them to yourself, repeat them over & over in your head

~ every little bit of positivity helps ~


Deck contains 48 affirmation cards & 16 interactive "self affirmation" cards


Cards are 7x10cm 

Motherhood - Daily Affirmations

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