1 x Moooka Steri-Brush
1 x Moooka Steri-Bag
Moooka Steri-Brush ©This brush fits perfectly inside the Moooka Hands Free Silicone Breast Pump to scrub away fatty residue left behind by breastmilk

	Made from durable food grade silicone and BPA Free Plastic
	Dishwasher safe -Microwave safe -Flexible and soft
	Non-abrasive silicone bristles will not leave behind any scratches
Swivel shaft and handle allows for quick and thorough cleaning inside a Moooka or any feeding bottle

	We recommend the Steri-Brush is sterilized at least once a month to eliminate any residue which may be left behind on the bristles

Moooka Steri-Bag ©This versatile bag can be used as a microwave sterilization bag, or as a food or non-food item storage bag. Before first use, it is recommended to thoroughly clean your Steri-Bag (it is Dishwasher safe)
Directions for Use as a sterilizer:
	Place baby bottles/Moooka/any item you wish to sterilise inside the Steri-Bag
	Pour 50ml water into Steri-Bag
	Seal Steri-Bag with plastic sealing tube almost all the way
	NB Leave a 1cm-2cm opening at the top of the bag when sealing it with the plastic tube – this ensures excess steam can escape from the bag during microwaving
	Microwave on High for 3-4 minutes to allow steam to circulate in the bag and kill off any bacteria
	Use caution when removing the Steri-Bag from the Microwave as the silicone retains heat and might be hot to the touch (we recommend you use a oven glove when handling it after sterilization)
	Allow to cool for ±2 minutes
	Remove plastic sealing tube and use sterile contents immediately
	It is recommended you re-sterilize anything which has cooled down outside of the sealed bag for longer than 60minutes


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