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Positive affirmations for kids can play an important role in building their resilience, self esteem & self confidence


Kids soak up the messages they receive, so by providing them with

positive affirmations, we can help them develop a positive self-image, increase their self worth plus instill in them the belief that they are capable & deserving of success, happiness and love


By beginning to think more positively , kids can learn to believe in themselves and work towards their individual potentials


These affirmations can put them in a better frame of mind & serve as reminders

Let them choose the affirmations that mean the most to them


Affirmations are great for starting your day or even saying through the day to keep morale up


Each affirmation card features a gorgeous scene and affirmation


Perfect for anyone who needs a big dose of happy positivity & to be reminded of their amazing personal energy

You are incredible & sometimes you just need a little reminding exactly how so


Pick a favorite card to focus on & breathe deeply to relax into your body.


Place the cards wherever you’ll see them

Whisper them, shout them, sing them to yourself, repeat them over & over in your head

~ every little bit of positivity helps ~


Deck contains 48 affirmation cards & 16 interactive "self affirmation" cards


Cards are 7x10cm 


Kids Daily Affirmation Cards

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