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This beautiful wall sticker was specifically created with the sole purpose to motivate, inspire, uplift, empower, and encouraging positive thought.


Our affirmation wall decal/ sticker has important statements that all should hear daily


This is a unique and meaningful gift to yourself or a friend.

This design is creative and fun to transform any room


Bring power to your life

Helps you go through difficult times and reminds you to be positive & enjoy life

An ideal gift to help boost self-confidence


Eco friendly

Sizing: 56cm x 150cm


"I am" decal

  • - Wipe and dry the surface you want to paste, choose the decals you want and position them on the wall.
    - Peel the decal away from the backing and put it on the cleaned surface.
    - Press with your hand slowly from the top down, and repeat until all decals are up.
    - If you are worried about the stickers will come off, hold your blow dryer about 6-8cm away from the decal you wish to remove.
    - With your blow dryer set to the low setting, heat the decal for about 10 seconds.
    - Then press gently with a credit card.
    - The stickers are pre-cut and will only take you a few minutes to apply on any surface.
    - The decal is removable but not reusable

  • - Tile Surface
    - Glass Surface
    - Smooth Walls
    - Metal Surface
    - Flat Wooden Surface

    Not Applicable Range:
    - Dirt Wall
    - Concave/Convex Wall
    - Wet Wall
    - Hollow Wall
    - Non-Smooth Textured Wallpaper

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