A unique gift to someone very special

a keepsake frame personalised for DAD, DADDY, OUPA, OUMA, MAMMA.

Perfect for Father’s or Mother’s day spoils


  • Chose between a black or white frame with either light oak or darker wallnut veneer background
  • Photos can either be in color or black & white
  • Qty of photos  will be for qty of letters in name selected
  • Eg. Daddy (5 letters) so 5 photos 
  • Images can be from 100KB and up


These monotones will suite any home or room decor.

Make memories – its the small things that count


  • Timeline note: 

    Orders go into weekly production batches (Monday-Friday)

    Week 1: Collection of a batch
    Week 2 & 3: Design and artwork approval
    Week 4 & 5: Production and logistics

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