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Building up number sense, including number recognition and counting, takes a lot of practice.
These counting puzzles can help.  Our aim is to make learning fun and putting together this playful set creates loads of learning fun.  Our Wooden counting puzzle is a good option for both playtime and educational purposes.

Set comprises of  x10 two piece puzzles packaged in a drawstring bag.
Each puzzle combination is unique only allowing the correct numbers to fit together allowing children to self correct.

Puzzles include:
1 elephant
2 bears
3 lions
4 cats
5 giraffes
6 monkeys
7 foxes
8 pigs
9 penquins
10 hares

Educational Learning, Preschool Puzzle Toy for Boys & Girls



Oak plywood construction
Pictures are printed directly onto the wood
No stickers that will peel off
Match number with picture count as you assemble the puzzle
Encourage practicing fine motor skills and learning through play
x10 two piece puzzle set
Size per set : 10cm x 50cm x 40cm


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